Client Segments We Serve

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Client Segments We Serve

  • Affluent Families

We work with families that have complex estate planning, asset protection or investment policy issues and choose to hire a professional team to manage their wealth rather than do it themselves.

  • Medical Professionals

Our practice has grown to include a number of medical groups who have qualified retirement plans and look to defer additional income for retirement. Due to their unpredictable schedules, our surgeons and physicians often require special service such as having meetings at their residence after normal business hours.

  • Small Business Owners

Our small business owners generally start their relationship seeking help with their company’s qualified plan which leads to managing individual investments and a comprehensive financial plan. One of the issues we address with every business client is helping them identify and implement an exit strategy as we focus on their second half game plan.

  • Executives in Transition

As executives contemplate retirement, some of the unique services they need include exercising stock options, diversifying concentrated equity positions, rolling over company retirement assets, creating a retirement strategy and estate planning.

  • Women in Transition

Women facing a transition from divorce or loss of a spouse in our experience requires exceptional patience and time to gain confidence in someone they can trust. They need a go to person to help them through the difficult process of dealing with issues they face. Financial decisions can be overwhelming, particularly if they had previously delegated financial decisions to their spouse. Our investment strategy, which puts protection of principal above growth, allows these clients to become more comfortable more quickly. Completing a financial plan and a budget before they make any financial decisions, allows them to make smart decisions about their future and have the confidence that they will be OK.

  • Retired Seniors

Our goal is to provide qualified resources for senior specific services, by bringing to the table a qualified professional who is readily available to address their particular needs. These services include financial budgeting, bookkeeping and bill paying, medical and non-medical home care, Medicare Planning and many senior issues.