Why You Need Us

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Why You Need Us

  • Dynamic Update of Your Risk Profile

As you move through the Wealth Cycle from Accumulation of Wealth to the Distribution of Wealth, (Income Protection and Income Focus), your appetite for risk changes. Many investors make the mistake of letting it ride, (a buy and hold strategy), without rebalancing their portfolio, thus leaving portfolio risk to grow over time rather than be adjusted downward as they approach retirement. Remember, you can’t earn it again!

  • Complete a Comprehensive Integrated Financial Plan

The game plan that has worked for you prior to retirement is rarely the game plan that will get you through retirement. What good are great stats in the first half, if you come up short at the end? In a recent interview of NFL super-bowl winning coach Bill Belichick, he stated that he always has a different game plan for the second half than he had for the first half. Why? The situation is different. With a clear investment strategy, future investment decisions are easy to make. As Roy Disney once said, “When your vision is clear, your decisions are easy.”

  • Help You Develop an Exit Strategy for Your Business

Our experience with successful small business owners is that most entrepreneurs know how to build a business but they have no viable plan for extracting their sweat equity as part of their retirement plan or executing a succession plan if something happens to them. Too often their family is left with a business to run without them.

  • Evaluate Your Current Advisor Team and Recruit New Talent as Required

Many affluent clients build their own team of advisors during the wealth accumulation phase: their CPA, estate planning attorney, investment advisor, insurance specialist and financial planner. However, the experts you have assembled were added at different times for different reasons to satisfy specific needs. They may have limitations, beyond the expertise for which you hired them. For example, the attorney who drafted your living trust may not have experience working on more complex wealth management solutions such as asset protection trusts, life insurance trusts or generation skipping trusts. The CPA that does your tax return may not specialize in tax strategies such as family foundations, donor advised funds, discounts for minority interests, or evaluating charitable gift strategies. If you need to recruit best of class subject matter experts, we have vetted specialists in each position. Finally, you can’t field a football team without a coach to direct the team’s progress toward a common goal. Your team, regardless how talented, will need a coach to keep the specialists together on the same page and keep the ball moving forward.

  • You Need a Game Plan for the Second Half of Your Life

Remember the children’s movie Alice in Wonderland?
Alice was walking down the path, when she came to a forest with a big tree with arrows pointing to different paths she could choose. She was overwhelmed.

“Which way should I go?” she said
The Cheshire Cat appeared in the tree and offered his wisdom.
“Where are your headed, my dear?”
“I really don’t know” Alice replied.
“Then any path you choose will get you there!” The Cat offered.

Was this advice only for a children’s movie, or does it apply to most adults when faced with any decision in life? For example, One of the Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Fail according to Rae Majors-Wildman, Founder of All the Way Success, Inc. is that “business owners do not have a Working Business Plan”. In other words, they make decisions by the seat of their pants! If you don’t know where you are going, any decision you make will get you somewhere, but it often won’t get you where you really want to be.

So let’s assume you have been flipping coins during your journey through life thus far, and now you find yourself in new territory…starting to face into retirement. In the second half of your life you need to shift your thinking from building wealth to transitioning your wealth into retirement income. These decisions become even more critical the more retirement income you need. So how do you make smart choices about your money? You need to have a Game Plan for the Second Half of Your Life!